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With home-schooling extended and staying inside being encouraged, people across the country are trying their hands at new crafts and ways to be creative to pass some time, achieve some goals and just have a bit of fun. Jam jar crafts can provide an endless source of entertainment for young and old alike and can be cheaper than many other hobbies, making them a good source of weekend fun without breaking the bank.

A Lick Of Paint

Painting jam jars can give them a new lease of life and as containers by nature, they’re great for a variety of uses. With patterns and colour on them, they can make brilliant candle or tealight holders, pencil pots, mantle décor or even just snazzy storage. If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your home, you can even upcycle them and use them as mood light fittings, change pots, vases for flowers or funky hanging decorations to suit your taste. If you decide you want to change their design, simply paint over them for a decoration that moves with the times.


House plants are all the rage at the moment, but if you’re not green fingered or don’t fancy the responsibility of looking after a large plant, then you can build a small vivarium out of a jam jar. Simply purchase a cactus or low maintenance plant that doesn’t require watering, insert this into the jar and then decorate with other bits and pieces. Go rustic with some stones and a few leaves or go glam with glitter and gizmos!

In the Kitchen

Cooking is an extremely rewarding way to pass the time and jam jars can be a baker’s best friend! Make yourself a cake jar, some juicy jam, punchy pickles or even just a spice blend and keep them all stored in your jam jars – decorated or otherwise.

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