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Spending time at home means looking for new ways to keep busy and indulging in some crafts using jam jars can make light of idle hands. Whether it’s ideas to keep the children occupied or the time has finally come to practice a new skill, our range of jam jars open up a world of possibility for crafters new and old! As avid jam jar enthusiasts, over the years we’ve turned our hand to a number of hobbies and we’re sharing some of the best so you can enjoy your time spent in the house.

Candle Crafting

Making candles is a rewarding and very wholesome craft that isn’t nearly as difficult as people think. Any jam jar can be used for this craft from miniature round jars through to large hexagonal jars and candles will look quirky and cute in all of them – just choose a style that you prefer. Other things you will need include wicks and wax and if you so desire colourings and scents. Start by sticking a wick into the bottom of the jar, holding it in place with a crocodile clip or pair of chopsticks across the top. Then melt down your wax with colourings and scents and poor in, leaving to set for at least 24 hours.

Cake Jars

One of the latest trends on the food scene is cake jars, delicious layered creations eaten out of a jam jar. Most recipes go for a trifle like effect using a sturdy cake or biscuit base, followed by a creamy layer and then finally a layer consisting of sweet treats, repeated as many times as the jar’s height will allow. The kitchen enthusiasts out there can spend time carefully baking, whipping and piping each layer into their jar, or for a quick and easy kids craft, simply buy the different elements and have the kids assemble them!


Staying in the house doesn’t have to be boring and this craft is one of the more adult ones that can be completed with a jam jar. Learning to make your favourite cocktail is a simple as a quick Google search, or if you’re more adventurous, simply make your own up from the supplies you have in the back of the cupboard. A jam jar cocktail can give the feel of being in your favourite bar and can instantly transport you to a tropical haven. A quran-tini if you will! 

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