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Christmas is edging nearer, and excitement is filling the air! If you’ve grabbed the festive bull by the horns and are fully immersed in the holiday mood, then Christmas crafts are probably already scheduled into your calendar. If you’re not quite jingle belling away just yet, then cracking out the crafts is sure to get you in the spirit. We’ve got some family-friendly ideas as well as some alcoholic adult ones so the whole family can join in!

Snow Much Fun 

Snow globes are a classic Christmas decoration that evokes nostalgia no matter what your age. While traditional globes contain festive characters like snowmen, trees and robins, it’s simple and easy to make your own using whatever you like. The most important component of a home-made snow globe is a jam jar, globe-shaped works well but any shape will work. Start by glue-ing your chosen objects to the inside of the jam jar lid, it’s best to use Christmas cake decorations or old tree ornaments that are made from wood or plastic. Next, fill your jar about two thirds full of water and then add a few drops of glycerine to help you ‘snow’ float. Sprinkle some glitter or polystyrene balls into the water solution and once your lid scene is dry simply submerge it into the water and tightly screw on. Shake up and enjoy your new decoration!

Tipsy Tree Decorations 

If you’ve ever made biscuits or sweets to hang on your tree, it’s likely that the bulk of them ended up eaten within a few days, particularly if there are children in the house! Well, we think it’s about time that the adults got a look in on the tree decorations, with a tasteful tipple. Our miniature bottles can be filled with any store-bought liquor of your choosing and tied to a tree or if you’re bottling last year’s batch of sloe gin, why not show off the fruits of your labour in festive style!

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