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Making some food hampers this Christmas? These delicious gifts are thoughtful, simple to put together and often, the most well-received. You can fill them with just about anything but typically, food items with a longer shelf life are best. Making your own additions can be a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and can also help save you some pennies. We’ve got some recipes for jam jars that you can make in any size batch to suit your hamper quota!

Cranberry Sauce

Perfect with a turkey, cranberry sauce is a staple at the dinner table at this time of year thanks to it’s sweet and tart flavour profile. This condiment can be easily personalised and can be made in several variations with additions to suit the receiver’s tastes. The basic recipe calls for cranberries, sugar and a liquid (usually orange juice) boiled down until the fruit starts to soften. Some of our favourite customisations include adding port, orange rind, rhubarb or spices such as star anise. Pop it in a jam jar for maximum freshness and easy serving.

Brandy Butter

Another traditional condiment, this time served with dessert! Brandy butter is usually spread upon Christmas pudding but can be used on any sweet treat for an added lick of flavour. There are 2 ways to make brandy butter, with one requiring a little bit more effort but being well worth it. The easy way means beating together equal parts icing sugar and butter before adding a tablespoon of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of brandy. Then simply pop in a jam jar and chill until set. Alternatively, you can make your own butter! Simply whisk double cream and salt on a high speed until the solid butterfats separate from the buttermilk, strain and squeeze as much liquid from the fats as possible. Then repeat the same steps.

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