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With Autumn and Winter just around the corner and the days getting shorter, many of us are retreating back inside and picking up our more indoors-y hobbies once again. Whether that’s knitting, painting or just creating, there are a number of ways that glass bottles can be used in your artsy afternoons!

Home Décor Ideas

Glass bottles come in many shapes, statures and sizes and can be an easy way to add a bit of an aesthetic edge to a room. Opt for an interesting shaped bottle such as a curvy one, a globed one or even a milk bottle for a table centre piece, windowsill ornament or even for use in a display cabinet. There are a number of ways you can turn this glass bottle into something visually striking which could include layering coloured sands inside, painting the outside of the bottle with layered colours or even decoupaging images to it. The great thing about glass is that if you go wrong, you can easily erase and start again.

Bathroom Favours

If you’re the sort of person who likes to gift practical crafts, then why not try your hand at some aromatherapy style crafts using glass bottles? Whether it’s mixing up your favourite blend of essential oils to use in a burner or layering bath salts for a colourful bathside ornament, there are a range of glass bottles to suit. Aromatherapy bottles are smaller in size and are amber in colour, making them ideal for holding clear liquids that may not be the best for display purposes, where as clear glass bottles are suited to hold more colourful items and can instantly add a splash of brightness to a room.

Kitchen Kings

It goes without saying, but glass bottles crafts for the kitchen are some of the easiest. Whether it’s creating a beautifully infused bottle of oil using chilli, vinegar or even root vegetables, creating a visual piece that is practical is simple! 

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