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Jam is one of those quintessentially British foods that can be made from just about any fruit, vegetable and even spices that tastes fantastic on bread, cakes and pastries at any time of the year. Autumnal berries like blackberry and raspberry are a breakfast staple where as summer varieties like cherry and apricot are delicious sandwiched between a scone and whatever the season is producing jams can be made from January through to December!

Autumn Winter Jams

Winter isn’t renowned for its ample harvest, but there are some still fruits that may not grow in the UK, but are readily available in supermarkets thanks to their foreign seasonality. Seville oranges are on offer throughout January and February and make the most mouth-wateringly tart and tangy marmalades. Large and juicy in size, these oranges can produce huge quantities of marmalade, so make sure you stock up on jam jars for the occasion.

Spring Produce

Spring is planting season for many UK growers and if you’ve planned ahead for this season then chances are you have an abundance of rhubarb and onions, both of which are delicious in preserves. Rhubarb jam is simple to make and is an exceptionally trendy flavour making it a great addition to cakes, biscuits and pastries at this time of year. Fill up you jam jars and then try a rhubarb Danish pastry, jam tart or even crumble cake for a showstopping teatime treat. Onion jam on the other hand is a savoury sensation that comes alive when served with cheese and crackers on a spring day.

Summer Loving

The sunshine at this time of year ripens the classic flavouring of strawberries which goes perfectly on scones, served with cream or pavlova on those hot and humid days. Strawberry jam is brilliant on its own or can be enhanced with other flavourings such as champagne, other berries or even balsamic vinegar for a very foodie twist.

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