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Swing top bottles have been a staple in many kitchens for centuries and they have a delicate way of adding charm and a rustic feel to kitchens. Thanks to their upscale and classy appearance, they make a great vestibule for homemade gifts, making them appear expensive and a little bit more upmarket. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to home made gifts or you’re always in the kitchen around Christmas, we’ve got some fool proof ideas that look fantastic in swing top bottles.

Infuse Some Oil

Infused oils are a great gift for those who like to cook or are experimental in the kitchen and while they sell for a pretty penny in the supermarket, they could not be more straightforward to make! Simply choose an oil such as olive oil that absorbs flavours easily and add your chosen flavourings inside a swing top bottle. Go fiery with some whole chipotle chillies or keep it classic with garlic and thyme or get creative and try star anise or cinnamon for a more Asian taste. One of our top tips though – keep whatever spices or herbs you use whole as they look great when surrounded by deliciously oozy oil and will be proudly displayed in the recipient’s kitchen

Create Some Cordials

Cordials aren’t just for children and can be diluted with water, sparkling pop or even a little bit of prosecco and taste absolutely delicious either way. Their high sugar content helps to preserve them which makes them a great addition to a home bar and is a thoughtful and useful gift for any would-be bartenders! Simply choose a flavour and boil it down with water and sugar, leaving to cool and infuse before straining into a swing top bottle. White elderflower, rhubarb and rosehip are great adult flavours that are as stunning as they are delicious. 

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