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Christmas is coming once again, and like you heard your mother say in the years gone by, it pays to be prepared for the big day. The festive season is a time of traditions and bringing people together, and what brings people together more than the hearty Christmas dinner? We know a large proportion of our customers are partial to jam-making and creative pursuits that lend themselves well to business, so what better than to be in the business of utilising our bottles and jars for an aesthetic purpose?

Decorations are often handmade at this time of year as people appreciate a hand-crafted gift and the holidays from work taking place are the perfect opportunity to find time to enjoy a creative pursuit.

Much like the classic snow globe we all look forward to making in our younger years, the centrepiece of your Christmas dinner table is an area where creativity can reign free. Whether you are looking to re-purpose the bottles and jars you have already purchased from our online store, or you are hoping to check out our product range for the chance to get crafty at Christmas, you can easily make a deceptively professional looking seasonal centrepiece for your dining table.

This particular home-crafting opportunity allows your imagination to roam-free, however if you would like to portray an air of elegance, we suggest using miniature-sized fake berries and branches before sprinkling on some glitter. Simply take the appropriately sized jar you choose from our vast range and turn it on its head to conceal the orthodox associations with glass bottles and jars.

One of the reasons more people are turning to home-crafting is because we are all growing more aware of our impact on the planet and our glass bottles and jars are both recycled and re-usable, allowing you to put an eco-conscious stance into practice.

For more ideas on how to use our glass jars and bottles in a myriad of creative ways, peruse our regularly updated blog, or to find out about wholesale options or a particular product, please contact our team today.

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