Clever Ways To Re-use Glass Jars

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Once you have used your glass jars for their intended purpose, there is always more that can be done with our nifty containers. Whether you have an orcio jar, round jar or mini milk bottle, there are multiple uses for them than the standard usage it was intended for. Let us give you some ideas of what you can use our glass jars for.

Creative Sand Jar Crafting

When the Autumn and Winter months creep up, the number of social activities taking place outside the home diminishes. This is particularly pertinent for parents with young children that require constant stimulation and new ways of passing the time. Whether you need to entertain the little ones or like to get creative yourself, sand jar crafting is a great way to re-use glass jars.

As the title suggests, simply fill your glass jars with coloured sand to make a pretty ornament, or add pebbles, stones, collected seashells and other appropriate additions to make an ordinary jar into your own personal work of art!

Organised Cosmetics Holders

It is far more hygienic to store products relating to make-up, skin and other everyday items in glass jars than it is in porous plastic. From cotton wool to foundation sponges, beauty blenders, toothbrushes and more, our glass jars give you the perfect opportunity to store essential items in aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly glass jars.

If you are lining the shelf in your bathroom, you could even keep any medication you need in a glass jar with a screw tight lid if you prefer to for organisational purposes. Plus, an array of glass jars looks far more pleasing to the eye than different containers! Decorations and labels are fully optional.

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