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September is a chaotic time for the home-growers, jam makers and pickling people, with many of the most popular fruits and veggies coming into season & leftover produce from the summer harvest to attend to. It’s easy to end up with an abundance of seasonal fruits including apples, tomatoes, artichokes, cucumbers, summer berries and celeriac to names but a few! But don’t get bogged down about eating them all, we’ve got some delicious ways to extend the life of your goodies.

Change up Your Chutney!

During the tail end of tomato season and with apples ready to harvest, September is the prime time to create these much-loved chutneys. But while these 2 variations are delicious and timeless, there are other fruits you can use to craft a truly creative chutney! Use autumnal stocks of pear, rhubarb or grape for a sweet twist on a classic. If you’re planning on storing the chutney or gifting it at Christmas make sure you use sir tight chutney jars to prevent tainting and keep your goods at their best!

Perfect Your Pickle

With cucumbers ready and waiting to be plucked from their plants, it’s an ideal time to perfect your pickles. Using a simple preserving recipe of vinegar, salt and sugar simply slice up your cucumber into batons and place it in the solution and after 24 hours you’ll have tangy, crunchy pickles ready to toss in a salad or just eat straight out of the jar. For easy access and fridge storage, a clip top jar is recommended and will prevent other aromas from the fridge from interfering with the taste.

Bring on the Booze

As the end of the summer berry season, you may have some less than perfect fruits laying around that you need to use up. Pop them into a bottle with your favourite spirit and a bit of sugar for a fruity drink that will have you feeling like it is summer all over again! 

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