Spring into Easter by Baking with Jars

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Easter brings with it the spirit of renewal and joyful celebrations, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious homemade treats? Glass jars offer a unique way to present your creations, adding a touch of playfulness to your Easter festivities. Here at Glass Jars and Bottles we have a range of glass jars which are guaranteed to meet your needs. In this blog post we’re sharing some of our favourite ideas for Easter baking with glass jars.

  1. Mini Cake Bonanza:
    Jars are the perfect size for baking individual cakes. Choose a simple vanilla or lemon cake recipe and bake for a shorter time compared to a full sized cake. Once cooled, decorate with colourful sprinkles or drizzle them with chocolate ganache. Nestled in a wicker basket, these mini cakes will surely be a showstopper on your Easter table.
  2. Bird's Nest Cookie Cups:
    Bring the beauty of nature to your Easter table with bird's nest cookie cups. Layer chocolate chip cookie dough, mini eggs, and shredded coconut in jars to create a nest-like appearance. Perfect for Easter get togethers.
  3. Easter Bunny Biscuits in a Jar:
    Get creative with your baking by making adorable Easter bunny biscuits in jars. Start by layering dry ingredients like flour, oats, sugar, and baking powder in a jar. Then, add fun Easter elements like chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, mini eggs, and crushed Smarties. Not only are these biscuits delicious but they also make charming gifts for friends and family.
  4. Springtime Shortbread in a Jar:
    For a delightful springtime treat, try making shortbread in jars. Layer dry shortbread mix with colourful sprinkles and chopped dried fruit to create a vibrant and irresistible dessert.

    Don't forget to add some Easter cheer to your jars with creative decorations. Here are some ideas:

    • Tie colourful ribbons or twine around the jars for a simple yet elegant touch.
    • Use fabric paint or markers to create Easter themed designs on the jars.
    • Attach cute tags with personalised messages or baking instructions.

      With a little creativity and these baking ideas, you can create unique and delightful Easter treats that will be enjoyed by family and friends.

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