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As we look forwards to the eagerly awaited wedding season, and everything that entails, we also look forward to the fun of craft wedding favours. For the particularly crafty (and savvy) planners, look no further than our wide selection of unique and charming glass jars to get creative with.

These custom jars come in various shapes and sizes to meet your needs, and create rich, rustic wedding favours. From our selection of mini round jars, to our quirky sweet jars – and all between –  you’ll be able to find the perfect wedding favours for your special day.

Our mini round jar selection come in a variety of different sizes, from our 28ml to our 125ml, and our hexagonal jars come in a similar range of 45ml – 110ml. This range is suitable for a scope of gift-types, including holding handwritten thank you notes, to sweets and other trinkets. Our jars are easily decorated, with a little ribbon, labelling, or LEDs they could make for perfectly sized table placements that double-up as wedding favours too.

If you are leaning towards something that looks a little different, we have a selection of mini bottles and mini milk bottles on selection. Again, like our jars, these bottles can be easily customised to fit the feel and tone you are looking for on your big day.

For inspiration, here you can find examples of how our jars and bottles have been transformed into beautiful lights, and other types of wonderful craft gifts and decoration.

Find our selection of wedding favour jars here, and get ready to get stuck in. 

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