Wedding Favours

If you are looking for wedding favour jars that look stylish yet have a heavyweight feel, or have a specific shape, browse our wedding favour glass jars selection. From timeless club jars that are perfect for housing vintage sweets and biscuits to mini glass round jars with their kitsch aesthetic, we provide variety. Our selection of wedding favour jars come complete in a range of sizes, with a range of different coloured lids to match your chosen aesthetic. As glass jar wholesalers, enquire with our team for cost-effective yet high quality wedding favour jars.

DIY Wedding Favours

Choosing the perfect wedding favours is a thoughtful way to express gratitude to guests on your special day. Creative and stylish choices using wedding favour jars can leave a lasting impression. When it comes to unique and versatile options, our range of wedding favour jars offer an array of possibilities that can add a touch of elegance to any wedding.

Hexagonal Jars

With their distinctive shape, hexagonal wedding favour jars can be filled with an array of treats or mementos. They are perfect for filling with honey, homemade jams, or even fragrant bath salts. Attach a personalised tag or ribbon to complement your wedding theme, creating a visually appealing and functional gift that guests can enjoy long after the celebration.

Mini Jars

Charming and compact, mini wedding favour jars are ideal for delicate items. Fill them with delectable treats such as individually wrapped chocolates or colourful sweets. The miniature size adds a charming aspect, making them an ideal choice for couples aiming to share a sweet token of appreciation with their loved ones.

Square Jars

Providing a modern and sleek option as wedding favour jars. Fill them with aromatic bath salts or scented candles, offering guests a sensory experience. The square shape provides a contemporary look that pairs well with a variety of wedding themes, adding a touch of sophistication to your reception.

Mini Milk Bottles

Offering a sense of nostalgia, mini milk bottles charming choice for wedding favour bottles. Fill them with delectable homemade milkshakes, flavoured liqueurs, or even refreshing iced teas. The petite size of these bottles makes them an ideal choice for guests to enjoy a small sip of your chosen beverage.

Sweet Jars

Sweet jars offer plenty of space for an array of treats. Fill them with an assortment of chocolates, mini cupcakes, or sentimental sweets that bring nostalgia to you and your partner. Add a custom label or tag to tie the theme together, ensuring a memorable wedding favour for your guests.

Glass Bottles

Offering a wide range of possibilities for elegant wedding favours, wedding favour bottles are a great choice. Fill them with homemade beverages, spirits, or even floral arrangements for a touch of nature. Attach personalised labels or engrave the bottles to commemorate your special day.

If you require further help on finding the best wedding favour jars and bottles, or want to know more about any of our products, get in touch with our team today on 01134871092 or email