Plastic Bottles & Partyware

Manufactured from recyclable PET in the UK, our round PET juice bottles are available in sizes ranging from 250ml to 1000ml. Suitable for a variety of purposes, these bottles are perfect for mineral water and soft drinks such as juices or milk products. Perfect as partyware or as a child-friendly alternative to glass, our plastic bottles can be bought with no lid or with a cap in the colour of your choosing from our list. As a premium supplier of wholesale glass jars and bottles online, our high quality plastic bottles are available to buy in bulk for huge time and cost savings.

Plastic Bottles and Partyware

Make your parties and events extra special with our range of round PET plastic bottles, proudly manufactured in the UK from recyclable PET material. Available in sizes ranging from 250ml to 1000ml, these bottles offer versatility and style for various occasions.

Versatile Usage

Our PET plastic bottles are suitable for a wide range of purposes, making them perfect for serving mineral water, soft drinks, juices, or milk products. Whether you're hosting a birthday bash, a corporate event, or a family gathering, these bottles add a touch of convenience and practicality to your festivities.

Child-Friendly Alternative

Seeking a child-friendly alternative to glass? Look no further than our PET plastic bottles. Durable and lightweight, these bottles are ideal for children's parties, outdoor events, or any situation where safety and convenience are vital.

Customisable Options

Personalise your partyware with our customisable options. Choose from a selection of caps in various colours to match your party theme or branding. Alternatively, opt for bottles without lids for a versatile serving option.

Wholesale Availability

As a trusted supplier of wholesale glass jars and bottles online, we offer our premium PET plastic bottles in bulk quantities. Take advantage of significant time and cost savings by purchasing larger quantities for your party planning needs.