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With harvest season just starting off, those with a penchant for preserving are readying their jam pans and stocking up on sugar, ready to turn this year’s fruits into flavoursome spreads! Whether you’re making traditional flavours like strawberry and raspberry or being more adventurous with obscure flavours like rhubarb and ginger, our glass jars with lids come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles to compliment your flavour creations.

Square Jars

Square jam jars with lids are by definition, flat on all sides making them more efficient for maximising fridge or cupboard space so work well for those making big batches for personal use or gifting at a later date. We stock these jars in a range of sizes including 130ml, 220ml and 282ml and with a range of lid options depending on your personal tastes.

Round Jars

Rounded in shape and featuring the classic twist off lid, round glass jars with lids are the traditional shape used for jams and are also a good choice for other types of preserve. Our range starts at the miniature sized 82ml perfect for ‘hotel’ style jams, going all the way up to half a gallon which is ideal for commercial kitchens or home food operations.

Hexagonal Jars

Quirky to look at and with features of both the round and square jars, these glass jars with lids come in 45m, 55ml, 110ml & 190ml sizes. The miniature versions are great for wedding favours and can be purchased in multiple pack sizes depending on your guest lists and can be purchased alongside gift tags that are styled with ‘love birds’ on the front.

Decorative Jars

For those looking for a jam jar solution that is truly unique our range of decorative jars includes globe jars, honey jars and Bormioli Rocco jars all of which are stand out in their styles. 

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