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Made famous by Paddington Bear, Marmalade is a quintessentially British treat and best enjoyed spread thickly across some crunchy toast. That being said, there are infinite uses for marmalade from desserts to cocktails and if you’ve got a hunk of festive oranges left over from the festive season, now is the perfect time to whip them into a zesty and Moorish spread.

 The Classic

Marmalade comprises of three ingredients; oranges, lemon juice and sugar! Simply boil your fruit for a couple of hours, warm your sugar in a low oven, slowly reduce the cooking water and sugar together before adding your segments of orange zest. Whether you opt for thick cut, grated or sliced citrus pieces, marmalade has more a visual appeal when jarred than other preserves. Store yours in an airtight Orcia Jars for a look that is as quirky and distinct as the spread itself!

With a Twist

Despite being a succulently sweet spread, marmalade has a number of uses in savoury cooking thanks to it’s bitter and acidic aftertaste. Cutting through many strong flavours with ease, marmalade is the ideal accompaniment for cooking a joint of ham in. A firm festive favourite, if you’re left with a hock, why not turn it into an orange and pork terrine? Ideal for a fancy starter, late night snack or even as a gift, they look the part in a variety of Jars.

Mixing It Up

Now we’ve covered the sweet and savoury uses its time to cover the piece de resistance! Everybody loves a cocktail from time to time and marmalade can be a cheap and quick way to fix yourself a stiff one. What’s more, if you’re hosting a party and want to treat guests to a welcome drink, a marmalade cocktail can be pre-prepared and served up in a fancy Mini Milk Bottle for that real wow factor. Simply mix together a teaspoon of marmalade, 50ml of gin, 5ml of Campari, 15ml of lemon just and a dash of orange bitters, decant and enjoy!

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