Low-Cost Christmas Gift Ideas

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Are you looking to add a little more thriftiness into your Christmas shopping this year? In the midst of a cost of living crisis, it is no surprise if you are considering utilising glass jam jars to create a personalised gift this year. And frankly, the effort of creating a bespoke gift is priceless. The receiver will acknowledge how much time and consideration has gone into brainstorming the creation, sourcing the materials used and finally putting all the finishing touches together. We think that has more worth than a generic item ordered from a well-known shop.


Homemade Facemask

Homemade face scrubs are great for those with sensitive skin because you are in 100% control of the ingredients. Nowadays, we are all more skincare savvy and eager to make our own creations using household products. From coffee to mint and beyond, making a face mask at home is easy and yet conveys a level of care to the recipient. Any round glass jar would be suitable as the container for this gift, but a bigger size would house the scrub better.


Baked Goods in Glass Jars

If you’re a baker or just enjoy to spending time in the kitchen, your friends and family probably love your food creations. Why not capitalise on that by using excess Christmas ingredients to bake a delicious cake and decant your creation into a glass jam jar? Simply sterilise your jar in hot soapy water, dry properly and divvy up a deconstructed cake with a label attached to the outside. This is a particularly savvy gift idea for those who might leave gift sourcing to the last minute or if you need some extra presents to give to nearby family and friends!

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