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We all plan to improve ourselves in the new year, making resolutions that most of us half-heartedly stick too, but with a bit of planning and preparation keeping true to your new lifestyle. Healthier eating, weight loss and eating more fruit and vegetables are common promises amongst the general population and if your one of the many trying to start a healthier lifestyle in 2021, we’ve got some ideas of how you can stay on track!

Meal Prep

Ask any dieting professional, fitness guru or personal trainer and they all say the secret to success is preparing healthy meals ahead so that you won’t be led astray and tempted by a less healthy alternative if you’re too tired or busy to make a meal on a particular day. The secret to prepping meals ahead and making them last all week is a good storage solution. Thankfully, we can offer a variety of glass jars suitable for keeping food fresh whether it’s being stored in the fridge, freezer or a dry store.

Make Your Own Food

Buying heavily processed food or ready meals, even the healthy versions, can be detrimental to a healthy balanced diet plan as even the ‘cleaner’ options can be packed with secret sugar and salt that’s used to give them a longer shelf life. Making your own meals doesn’t have to be difficult and if you prep ahead, you can limit the time you have to spend cooking and get it all out of the way in a day. Smoothies, shakes and juices are a great way to get more fruit and veg in your diet and can be kept in glass jars and bottles in the fridge for a quick breakfast in the mornings.

If you’re looking for glass jars or bottles to help you transition into a healthier you, visit our website.

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