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Easter is all about celebrating rebirth with the traditional gift of an egg is symbolising this, while we are all too familiar with the chocolate egg, before the rise of commercialism, it was a standard hens’ eggs that Easter revellers could look forward too. But this doesn’t mean you have to stick to tradition, if you’re looking to give a gift with a little more imagination this Easter, we’ve got some goodies that will knock the Easter bunny off his perch!

Sweet Treats

If you want to stick with a sweet treat as your gift of choice, a jar of sweets is perfect for those who aren’t chocolate fans (there are some) or have a diary intolerance. Fill up one of our mini jam jars with the individual’s favourite sweets, or even make your own for a colourful injection of sugar that’s a bit more personable! At a size of 65ml, these jars are perfect for parents looking to ration a child’s sugar intake and can protect what’s inside for up to 6 months, for those who have a little more willpower!

Something for The Adults

Purchasing Easter gifts for the adults in your life can always be tricky, particularly if you’re one that likes to stick with tradition. If you’re looking for something that celebrates spring time and rebirth, infusing spirit with some spring time flavours is sure to be a hit. Why not pick some rhubarb, or purchase some berries and pop them in a swing top bottle for a sophisticated and flavourful gift for the more mature!

Out of The Box

For someone who doesn’t stick to the beaten path and looks for a bit more extravagance in their gifts, our range of cosmetic containers can help form a quirky offering. Use a bottle to house a personalised essential oil, a jar to home a scented candle for bath time, or even just paint and decorate a powder jar for ornamental purposes. Whatever you decide to do, there are all manner of out of the box ideas that can be crafted with the help of our extensive online shop!

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