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With this summer’s rain making flowers bloom at their brightest, beekeepers and honey enthusiasts will be making the most of this honey harvesting season. Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper with years of experience or an aspiring honey producer, having the right equipment is vital for preserving the liquid gold that is honey. Here at Glass Jars and Bottles, we offer our collection of honey jars that cater to all your honey storage needs.

Traditional Honey Jars

If you're a beekeeper aiming to showcase your honey's exceptional flavour and texture, our traditional honey jars are a must-have. Designed to keep your freshly harvested honey well-preserved, these glass honey jars are perfect for entering local honey competitions or sharing your harvest at the local village fete. With a capacity of 1lb, these jars can hold a generous amount of honey, and their gold screw-top lids ensure a secure and airtight seal. Available in packs of 12 or 72, you can choose the quantity that suits your production scale.

1/2lb Round Honey Jars

Specially crafted to preserve the rich flavour of honey, our 1/2lb round honey jars are a top choice amongst honey artisans. These sturdy glass jars feature a fancy embossed pattern to the base of neck and has a 63mm twist lid, rather than the screw type found on a traditional honey jar. The tight-fitting twist-off lids maintain the honey's freshness, ensuring it reaches your customers in perfect condition. For extra customisation, matching jar lids are available in a variety of colours and patterns, including silver, white, black, red gingham, and of course, gold honeycomb lids.

Purchase Honey Jars Online

Whether you're planning to enter honey competitions, sell honey as part of your business, or simply preserve the harvest from your bee colonies, our range of honey jars has got you covered. To explore our full collection, browse online today and make the purchase that suits you. For help and advice, contact our team on 01134871092 or email

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